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Double Chess for Palm OS® handhelds

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New version 3.1

The latest version of Double Chess (v3.1) adds the option of playing a medieval chess variant. The medieval variant is known as the English or French Long Assize. The new rules for the medieval variant are available. You can also download a new demo.


Have fun playing a quick game

It is easy to play a quick game of either regular or double chess. The software has a natural interface which you are used to from the Palm OS® handhelds—that makes it easy to learn and easy to use. The software never comes between you and your game.

Improve your chess skills over time

We can all improve our chess by playing more. Playing in regular chess mode lets you work on your over-the-board chess skills. Playing in double chess mode gives you another perspective on regular chess. Both types of play improve when you play against the computer—it doesn't let you get away with the easy stuff.

Play it when you have time on your hands

We all spend time waiting. That's one of the reasons why we like Palm OS® handhelds—that time can be spent doing something. With Double Chess for Palm OS® handhelds, you can use that time to relax and work on your chess game.


System Requirements

Download a free demo. The demo allows you to play up to 5 games to try out the program.

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Designed and programmed by Scott MacHaffie

Last updated: April 15, 2004

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